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10 06, 2017

Bilingualism and Language Delay


Anyone can learn a new language. Some people find it easier than others, but all of us can do it. People who can use two languages are bilingual. Learning a second language [...]

Bilingualism and Language Delay2017-06-10T17:58:02-04:00
9 06, 2017

Increasing Language Skills


Most of us lead hectic lives. We are a society on the go. When you have a child with a speech or language delay many parents want to look for the "next best thing" [...]

Increasing Language Skills2017-06-11T17:53:02-04:00
9 06, 2017



Welcome! We are so excited to get our blog started. This blog will be multifaceted and our intention is for our readers to get to know our practice and to disseminate information related to what [...]

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