School Services

Therapy Essentials provides School Related Speech and Occupational Therapy Services to several Charter Schools and Private Schools in The Central Florida area. We are a therapist owned and operated company and we have also worked in the schools ourselves. We understand the requirements, unique professional needs, and importance of CONSISTENT staffing required for schools.

  • Are you tired of your students not making the progress that they could with consistent therapy?
  • Are you tired of frequent therapist turnover?
  • Are you tired of the therapists assigned to your school not having the support that they need? Are you tired of being in non-compliant status?
  • Are you tired of missing out on FTE money due to your students not receiving services?

  • If you have answered yes to any of these questions contact us regarding your staffing needs!

  • Teletherapy is also available to district, charter, and private schools. This is an effective way to provide services to your students even if the therapist is not in your area.

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