Speech teletherapy telepractice uses a computer with a video connection to provide speech therapy in many settings including your home, school, office, or other setting.

If your computer is connected to the internet, we can typically provide speech telepractice. The therapy connection that we use is private and secure.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association states, “TeleSpeech is a form of telepractice that uses “telecommunication technology to deliver professional services at a distance. Telepractice may be used to covercome barriers of access to services caused by distance, unavailability of specialists and/or sub-specialists, and impaired mobility.”

Studies have show equivalent efficacy results with face-to-face therapy.

Benefits of Teletherapy:

  • Speech-language assessments online
  • Fun, interactive, and rewarding therapy activities
  • Every session with a licensed speech-language pathologist
  • One-on-one or group therapy sessions in schools
  • Speech therapy from the comfort of your own home